We provide to our residents clothes, shoes, hygiene products and many more essential supplies to support their daily living.

We have created a place where clothing is provided and there is laundry room where linen, blankets and clothes are washed.

Your donations allow us to provide refugees with everything which is needed. We honestly, thank you!


Please consider supporting our efforts.



Lesvos Solidarity is an open refugee camp based in ex- Pikpa camp in Mytilene, Lesvos. It is a self-organised, autonomous space run by volunteers and is built on the principle of solidarity.


ex-PIKPA Camp, Neapoli, Mitilene,
81100, Greece 
Email : info@lesvossolidarity.org


RT @nsitaropoulos: Concerns for hundreds of unaccompanied #children sleeping rough in #Greece this winter https://t.co/N0pjVNb8MZ via @gree

#lesvosarrivals: 154 women, men and children arrived last night on three boats. Overcrowded #moria camp and tents await them #opentheislands
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