Crowdfunding Campaign

Our crowdfunding campaign is now on. Your contribution will help us to offer and sustain medical care and give back a feeling of dignity to all vulnerable refugees of Pikpa camp.

Please support #LesvosSolidarity's ongoing efforts.

This campaign will cover a year of medical care expenses for 200 vulnerable refugees living in Pikpa refugee camp of Lesvos. This money will help them to receive primary health care, medication, medical screenings, health education as well as covering the costs of escorting patients to clinics and hospital.

We are aiming to cover the basic and urgent medical needs of the refugee population and offer relief to public medical centres. Our goal is to offer medical services to 420 vulnerable refugees in need. We will continue to support chronic patients, pregnant women, injured children and patients suffering from PTSD. We will also continue to provide treatment and assistance for preventive healthcare by offering medicines, proper medical examinations, vaccinations and support medical field workers.

Providing primary medical care to refugees contributes in supporting the public health system and decreasing the health risk for those suffering from serious diseases. Medical support enables them to remain strong and deal with the difficult situation of social integration. Health and well-being is a fundamental human right and plays an important role in social empowerment while medical screening is necessary for taking further steps in therapy, preventing health deterioration and creating hope.


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