Within this structure, various educational and cultural activities take place, as well as medical and psychosocial support. During its five year operation, PIKPA has hosted thirty thousand people belonging to vulnerable groups or groups at risk.

PIKPA has emerged as an international symbol of solidarity and is supported by an ever growing network of individuals, organizations and institutions. This is an indication of its contribution both at the social policy level and at the level of giving prominence to Lesvos as an island of solidarity. In addition to the Lesvos Solidarity staff (Non-Profit Civil Partnership), a large network of volunteers from Lesvos, the rest of Greece and the whole world, local clubs and an international range of organizations are contributing valuable help at PIKPA.

The concession of the management of PIKPA by the Ministry of Labor to the Center for Social Welfare of the North Aegean Region (CSWNAR) became known to us from press reports. Similarly, we learned from the press about CSWNAR's intentions to use the site for its own purposes.

Through our practice over the years we have shown that vulnerability and solidarity have no nationality. We believe there will be a response on the part of CSWNAR addressing the international political developments and their direct impact on the island's life. This is especially important in such a critical period where thousands of people are exposed to difficult living conditions, which jeopardise refugees’ lives, as well as the dignity of the wider community.

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