Pikpa Media Policy

Lesvos Solidarity Media Policy

Lesvos Solidarity - Pikpa is an open refugee camp in Mytilene, Lesvos. It is a self-organised, autonomous space, built on the principle of solidarity. We provide humanitarian support to the most vulnerable refugees including families with children, pregnant women, refugees with disabilities, torture victims, refugees who suffer from serious medical conditions and victims of shipwrecks.

Please note that we are a residential camp. By coming to Pikpa, you enter our residents’ home. Our residents stay with us because of their vulnerable nature. They trust that they are safe in Pikpa. Their protection and comfort is our primary concern.

In order to prevent potentially grave harm to both refugees and their families back home; and in order to ensure respect for our residents’ safety and privacy, we kindly request you to abide by our media policy:


Please make an appointment at least 5 days before your arrival by contacting us on  communicationspikpa@gmail.com. Please include the following information in your request:

  • In which print, broadcast, online media you are hoping to publish.
    Will you interview on camera, record audio or take photos?
  • Who you would like to interview: team, residents and/or volunteers?
    If you would like to interview residents, please note that we do not have capacity to provide journalists, groups or researchers with interpreters.
  • The focus of your piece and the questions you would like to cover.
  • How many people would like to come and visit (including crew, interpreters, support staff).

Your request will then be assessed by our media coordinator. Please note that due to the busy nature of camp life and team schedules, the needs of our residents and the unpredictable nature of our work on the ground, we might not be able to accept all media requests. In general, visitors can only book appointments between the hours of 10.00 – 16.00 Monday to Friday. Your flexibility and understanding is appreciated.

Upon arrival as well as departure, please report to the office upstairs. Our media coordinator will ask you to sign the visitors’ register and assist you further.

S/he will liaise with team members, residents and volunteers as needed and will accompany you on camp.

Please provide your own release forms for the people you would like to interview, in their respective language.

Your release forms should ensure that anyone featured in your pictures/footage/copy has given their written consent and are fully aware of where and how the material will be used. Please note: for children and youth under 18, parental consent is required in writing. Please ensure that a blank copy of your release form is emailed to the media coordinator in advance of your visit for our records. Once onsite, it is your responsibility to distribute release forms to those you wish to interview and the media coordinator will ask for photocopies of each signed form before your departure.


Even for those who have given consent via your release forms, we ask for your respect and understanding when taking photos and filming. The presence of cameras and visitors can sometimes be distressing and discretion is advised.

Before publication/release,

please email the media coordinator with a draft of all copy, photos, recordings and audios you intend to publish/release, for our residents’, team’s and/or volunteers’ approval.

Please email us your final piece,

for our records and to pass on to any residents featured.


Lesvos Solidarity reserves the right to stop media-related activities at any time upon residents’ request, unforeseen emergency scenarios, in cases where the media policy is not respected, or behavior deemed to be disrespectful or unethical.

If you accept the media policy as stipulated above,
please download, sign Pikpa's Media Policy and sent it in communicationspikpa@gmail.com

If you accept the media policy as stipulated above,
please download, sign Pikpa's Media Policy and sent it in communicationspikpa@gmail.com




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81100, Lesvos, Greece  
Email: info@lesvossolidarity.org
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