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Since the implementation of the EU-­‐Turkey deal, Lesvos has ceased to be a place of registration and transit for refugees bound for northern Europe, and has been repurposed as a limbic space of indefinite waiting for asylum requests to be processed. The number of people trapped on the island has thus increased dramatically and nurtured frustrations as refugees begin to despair, uncertain of their future.

There has not, until now, been a space in which refugees who -­‐-­‐ either by force or by choice -­‐-­‐ will stay in Lesvos or Greece can find support on levels beyond basic amenities, such as access to legal and psychological aid, to the local community, to the opportunity to work creatively, to education, and to steps towards integration here. This project is a contribution to the closure of that gap.

The main goal of this project is to create conditions of integration and opportunities for education, psychosocial support, and creative activities. With this framework of cultural and educational exchange in place, we hope to facilitate integration processes without, however, neglecting individual needs.

We will carry out this objective by offerring educational courses such as language lessons, which will involve classes of mixed migrant nationalities and locals in an effort to both encourage the inclusion of local society and discourage segregation within the refugee population itself. We will also employ members from both the refugee and Mytilini communities as translators, legal advisors, language teachers, etc. One already ongoing upcycling workshop, for instance, provides refugees with the opportunity to earn their own living by transforming discarded life vests into reusable items such as backpacks to sell throughout Europe. In an attempt to create frameworks through which refugees give back to the local community rather than feeling themselves the passive and dependent recipients of others’ aid, we will also introduce activities led by refugees themselves such as Arabic lessons and cooking classes to promote mutual cultural exchange and support.




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ex-PIKPA Camp, Neapoli, Mitilene,
81100, Greece 
Email :
Phone : (+30) 22 510 62 000



An appointment is necessary before visiting us at Lesvos Solidarity - Pikpa camp. We cannot accommodate spontaneous visits. Please email Visiting hours are 10.00 – 16.00, weekdays only.



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