We are looking for long-term volunteers to join our team.

In this document you can find information about the profile of the volunteers we are looking for and the kind of work we need to help us with.


For more information about our camp please visit our website or facebook page.

If you want to volunteer at Pikpa it is important to know that we are a camp hosting very vulnerable cases. Therefore when it comes to information about our residents we will need to rely on your discretion. If you want to post something about your volunteer experience on social media, it cannot include any case - sensitive information or recognizable photos of our residents (unless you have their agreement and you have consulted one of the Pikpa-team members).



The volunteers we are looking for are people that:

Are self-motivated and committed

We work with a small team of volunteers. It might take you some time to get to know our way of working and see what needs to be done. Of course we will show you around and introduce you to everybody but we won’t take you by the hand every single day. We don’t have a schedule with working hours, we hope you will find your own pace.

Can support themselves financially

You will need to find your own accommodation. The cost of living here depends on your lifestyle, but assuming you rent a relatively cheap room, using the bus to get around and going every now and then for drinks or food with the team, the cost of living would be around 600-700 euros per month. Pikpa can provide you with bus passes and a daily lunch.

Can stay long-term (minimum stay two months)
We need volunteers that can take responsibility for certain things and keep them running well. Being a long-term volunteer means you can make things feasible and discover how you can use your skills and talents.

Enjoy a community-based lifestyle
Since we are a small camp (we host around 80 people) we are like a small community. That means that some days there is a lot of work to do and some others are quiet. Some days we need to build, clean, carry things around, and some others we just drink tea, chat or play sports.
If you prefer a lot of action it’s better to look for another place to volunteer.


Volunteers are also needed in other places on the island. If you think you don’t fit our profile, check the Facebook Information Point for Lesvos Volunteers or the Facebook-page of the Octopus team.



We need people that can join in the following projects/tasks:

Food distribution to our residents

Every morning between 11:00 and 13:00 we distribute food to our residents so they can cook for themselves. It’s important to do a fair distribution based on our supplies and also have an overview of the orders we need to make.

Language skills (Arabic, Farsi, Urdu) highly appreciated.

Clothing distribution for our residents

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in between 17:00 and 20:00 our residents can come to our free shop if they need any clothes. Outside of these hours the shop needs to be organized and stocks need to be managed. We have a stock of clothes to be sorted for the shop.

Language skills (hand and feet) appreciated.

Activities for children and adults

We need people that can organize activities and workshops like sports, art, theatre, dance, music, etc. We prefer to have a schedule for activities so we are looking for people that can organize things on a weekly or daily basis.
In general we have around 20 children (ages 4-12) and 60 adults.

Language lessons for children and adults (English and Greek)

With the help of a professional teacher we offer English and Greek classes to the adult residents (classes take place in Mytilni).  However, you can help with homework, practicing conversations or you can teach an extra lesson.
We don’t regularly run language classes for the camp’s children so it would be nice if someone can organize it.
We have a few small gardens on our terrain. Our residents take care of our gardens with the volunteers’ help.
Experience in permaculture project appreciated.
There is always something to paint, build or repair. Skills of painting, knowing about brushes, drills and screwdrivers is appreciated.
Other things; based on your skills/experience
We have an experienced team working on the legal, psychological and medical needs of our residents as well as managing the housing, and the camp’s reception duties. You could give a hand to this team but please keep in mind that we are quite protective when it comes to the camp’s cases. We prefer to work with people that we know and trust.
So do let us know if your skills fit these fields but also be prepared to start with simpler tasks. It might take some time to get a more responsible position when it comes to handling our cases.



If you think you fit our profile and you want to work with us please contact us at volunteerspikpa@gmail.com.

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ex-PIKPA Camp, Neapoli, Mitilene,
81100, Greece 
Email : info@lesvossolidarity.org
Phone : (+30) 22 510 62 000



An appointment is necessary before visiting us at Lesvos Solidarity - Pikpa camp. We cannot accommodate spontaneous visits. Please email info@lesvossolidarity.org. Visiting hours are 10.00 – 16.00, weekdays only.



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