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Lesvos Solidarity - Pikpa is an open refugee camp housing some of the most vulnerable refugees arriving in Lesvos. In many cases we are hosting people fleeing political persecution, civil war, ambush and torture. Our residents trust that coming here they are safe and that we know which one wants to share their stories.

 In order to prevent a potential grave harm to both refugees and their families back home, we kindly request media representatives to follow our media policy (see below) in order to ensure our residents’ safety.

  • Please make an appointment at least 2 days before your arrival by emailing us on .
  • In order to inform the residents of the camp as well as the team members, it would be great if you could please email us ( ) with the details of your coverage, the usage of your material for example of broadcasting, print and online publication.
  • Please provide your own release forms to the people you’d like to interview in the respective language. We would very much appreciate it if you could give a copy to Lesvos Solidarity.
  • On arrival as well as on departure please report to the reception so that we know you are in the camp or that you have left.
  • A Lesvos Solidarity team member will show you around and introduce you to the people they want to share their stories.
  • Lesvos Solidarity reserves the right to stop works if residents ask it or report any discrepancy in your reporting.
  • Due to the needs of the residents our interpreters are constantly on call. Therefore we would kindly ask you to please ensure you have your own.


Unless residents, team members or other volunteers permission is granted, volunteers are not allowed publishing any photos and personal stories on social media, blogs or sharing it with the Media member.  


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An appointment is necessary before visiting us at Lesvos Solidarity - Pikpa camp. We cannot accommodate spontaneous visits. Please email Visiting hours are 10.00 – 16.00, weekdays only.


ex-PIKPA Camp, Neapoli, Mitilene,
81100, Greece 
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