Psychological - Social Support

The people we give shelter to, have experienced violence or disaster, loss of, or separation from family members and friends and lack of access to services. These can all have immediate, as well as long-¬term consequences for adults, children and their families development and fulfillment.

PIKPA’ s mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) services face the major challenge to provide care for a diverse and transit population. The MHPSS services that we offer include an as broad group of actors as possible who establish the needs for diverse, complementary approaches . For adults, a group of volunteering mental health professionals, offer one to one support. For families and children of the community, psychologists, education, art, music and theater professionals all work together to offer culturally appropriate, safe and stimulating activities such as art projects, sports and games. The aim is to develop life skills, coping mechanisms and support resiliency and their self confidence.

The members of our collective are all culturally informed and offer appropriate services. Moreover, our volunteers have the opportunity to be trained in order to establish a solid understanding of refugees’ needs. The professionals that work with adults and children are local or international volunteers. NGOs that have a clear focus on MHPSS are important actors for our work.

There are also specialized referral services for adults and children with emotional or behavioral issues, or who may need extra support, so that appropriate networks of care may be engaged.


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An appointment is necessary before visiting us at Lesvos Solidarity - Pikpa camp. We cannot accommodate spontaneous visits. Please email Visiting hours are 10.00 – 16.00, weekdays only.


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81100, Greece 
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