Job Vacancy | English Language teacher

Job Vacancy | English Language teacher

About us

Lesvos Solidarity (LeSol) is a grassroots organisation based on Lesvos Island, Greece. LeSol has been operating since 2012. LeSol’s community believes in an open society free of racism, fascism, and discrimination. LeSol is an assembly-run organisation and the participation of refugees in shaping knowledge and skills is vital for integration and social inclusion. 

LeSol’s mission is to provide community-based solidarity spaces and its vision is to inspire society and to expand its solidarity model, which promotes equality, trust, and respect for each other and for the environment, creativity, empowerment, and active participation.

Job Vacancy English Language Teacher
Project / Department Mosaik Support Center
Contract Type 1 months, possibility of extension
Hours p/w 12 hours, possibility of expansion
Overview of Position

Mosaik Support Center provides classes (language, IT, and others) for asylum seekers, refugees, and other people living on Lesvos.
The focus is on quality education as well as the well-being of our students.

The teacher’s role is to prepare curricula and material, teach classes, as well as be involved in the follow up with the students’ presence and other activities in- and outside the centre.

The teacher works together with the rest of the educational team (teachers, receptionists, focal point, employability program) and provides weekly reports to the focal point and the AMKE.

Key objectives / Responsibilities
  • Prepare class curricula for different levels and adjust when needed
  • Prepare quality material to be used in class
  • Adapt class content when needed, e.g. for classes that are part of specific training programs
  • Prepare valid written and oral tests (mid-term and final)
  • Teach classes using methods appropriate for student needs
  • Administer exams and grade them
  • Keep class attendance list updated
  • Follow up with students in case of absence
  • Work with educational team to assess the students’ (starting) level and correct placement in classes
  • Work with other teachers and coordinator to find appropriate teaching methods for target population
  • When possible, prepare and organise activities related to class content, e.g. excursions, language exchanges, etc.
  • Participate in organising integration events (together with other team members of LeSol)
  • Attend weekly meetings (educational and general), take turns in attending local Education Working Group
  • Prepare a weekly report for focal points and monitoring tools.
  • Understand and adhere to Do No Harm principles
  • Connect with other NGOs and actors in order to promote the classes and reach out to prospective students
  • Work on Erasmus+ Programs as required from the educational team (visits, events and possibility of travelling to other EU countries).
  • Support the reception desk based on capacity and organisational needs.
  • Speak to visitors and present the program when required.
  • Follow the vision and mission of the organisation.
  • Support the employability outreach as required.
  • Work with the MHPSS team and refer students for individual planning and needs.
  • Support the employability program with language classes and special classes on job interview presentation and public speaking.
  • In addition, Lesvos Solidarity will support the students of the public school system in the afternoons in various subjects.
Required degree/experience


  • Experience teaching adults
  • Experience working in an intercultural environment
  • Excellent knowledge of the subject to be taught and any other subject from the national school system.


  • Degree in teaching
  • Experience teaching in an emergency context
  • Experience with Erasmus+ and other European programs.
  • Experience in teaching at a national school.
Required qualities
  • Open to different cultures, social backgrounds and ideas
  • Ability to work in an unstable and changing environment
  • Good knowledge of English (required) and Greek (preferred)
  • Resourceful and open to finding solutions for unexpected issues
  • Able to work as part of a team as well as individually
  • Empathetic, with an understanding of the background of our students and the situation they currently live in
  • Be perceptive to the well-being of others as well as your own
  • Willingness to contribute to and promote the idea of solidarity

Lesvos Solidarity is an organisation registered with the Ministry of Asylum and Migration and has ISO quality management procedures. This requires comprehensive reporting of quantitative and qualitative data and information.

In addition, the organisation works collaboratively across departments. This requires team members to support each other in their tasks to meet additional needs from time to time. All team members are also asked to actively participate in events, seminars, workshops, and discussions related to both their role and the work of the organisation.

Please note:
By applying for this vacancy applicants provide their consent to Lesvos Solidarity to process the data provided for recruitment purposes.




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