December 2020 Newsletter

December 2020 Newsletter

You can find here our Νewsletter of December 2020, about the eviction of PIKPA

2019 Annual Report

Annual Report 2019

We are inviting you to take a moment and read our Annual Report with information and details on the actions and activities Lesvos Solidarity has undertaken in 2019. 

You can take the people out of Pikpa but you can’t take Pikpa out of the people

You Can Take The People Out Of Pikpa But You Can’t Take PIKPA Out Of The People

EVICTION OF PIKPA CAMP: a massive and unannounced Police operation took place to move the 74 residents, including 32 children, in order to evict Pikpa camp. “It is unacceptable and absurd that a place like Pikpa is forced to close” said Efi Latsoudi, Legal Representative of Lesvos Solidarity, “while Greek and European governments are supporting and promoting the new inhumane, degrading camp Moria 2.0”

The Vulnerable Residents Of PIKPA Camp Are In Danger!

The Vulnerable Residents Of PIKPA Camp Are In Danger!

The vulnerable residents of PIKPA camp are in danger due to their transfer to the new temporary camp in Kara Tepe. The premises of the former PIKPA camp in Neapoli Lesvos was offered in 2012 by the Municipality of Lesvos to the residents of the city for hosting refugees, who wereat the time living in the streets of Mytilene or the city’s port. Since then, it has operated as an open, model camp for facilitating the most vulnerable refugees and a sylum seekers, providing them with a safe place, psychosocial support and dignified living conditions.

Save Dignity, Save PIKPA And Kara Tepe

Save Dignity, Save PIKPA And Kara Tepe

Μore than 160 Greek and international organizations, academics and other actors from all over Europe, urge the Greek authorities to revoke a decision to close dignified alternatives in accommodating refugees οn Lesvos, Greece.

Statement On Announced Closure Of PIKPA Camp

Statement On Announced Closure Of PIKPA Camp

At a time when a new, inhumane camp was re-constructed in Lesvos after a huge fire destroyed Moria camp, all dignified alternatives for accommodating refugees are under attack. The Greek minister for Asylum and Migration Mitarakis announced in the press on Wednesday that the government will close Pikpa camp by the end of October.

Fire in Moria Camp: Greece And Europe Must Take Responsibility And Act To Protect

Fire in Moria Camp: Greece And Europe Must Take Responsibility And Act To Protect

The fire that largely destroyed Moria camp in Lesvos is a direct result of the cruel policies of Greece and Europe. For years they have kept people trapped and abandoned in overcrowded island camps in Greece.

Donations of medical and health equipment from Lesvos Solidarity

Lesvos Solidarity, together with the people who support it, in the context of the effort to strengthen the public health system, offered medical and health equipment to the health structures of the island.

Administration Support/Case worker

Στην παρούσα περίοδο ψάχνουμε εργαζόμενο/η για τη θέση του "Διοικητικό Προσωπικό/Case Worker".



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